Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Hill St Dental is committed to looking after our younger patients, to set them up for healthy smiles for life.

We are pleased to announce that Joanne, Kelsea, Lindsay and Clare all participate in the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS).

If you have children between 2 and 17, and they are eligible for CDBS, they can receive $1000 worth of routine dental care for a period of two years. This covers check-ups, cleans and fluoride, fillings and extractions.

Furthermore, the service is bulk billed, as we claim the Medicare rebate on the spot.

If your children are eligible for the CDBS scheme, please call Rhonda on 6362 4322. She’ll find the earliest available appointment so we can start looking after those young teeth.

If you’re not sure whether your children are covered, just show us your Medicare card when you bring them in for an appointment, and we will check for you.