Medicare Dental program for eligible children, Jan 1 2014. (NO GAP) up to $1000 over two years.

Here at Hill St Dental we believe looking after our younger patients is very important. We are pleased to announce Joanne, Rob, Melissa and Clare will be participating in the Medicare Children’s Dental Program.  (Child Dental Benefit Scheme CDBS)

If you are between 2-17 and eligible for the new medicare children’s dental scheme, please call Rhonda on 63624322 , we will get you an appointment ASAP and we can get started on looking after those teeth. This scheme will replace the Teen Dental Scheme from Jan 1, 2014. In addition to preventative services medicare will cover the cost of restorations and dental extractions.

Preventative services for eligible patients such as check up, x-rays, cleaning and fluoride treatment  and all complex procedures such as restorations (fillings) will be bulk-billed. If you are eligible NO GAP will apply.

We are happy to advise we can check your eligibility and then claim your medicare rebate at the surgery.