Crowns and Bridges

At Hill Street Dental we are proud to offer crown and bridge services with state-of-the-art technology.

Using 3D scanning we avoid messy and uncomfortable mouth impressions. This technology allows for superior results.

A crown is used to restore a tooth weakened by major restoration or root canal treatment. Without a crown, the tooth may fracture as time goes on.

The crown covers the whole top surface of your tooth, locking it together and protecting it from chewing forces and hard foods. It can let you keep such teeth safe and useful for many years.

A bridge replaces one or more natural missing teeth, thereby ‘bridging’ the space between two teeth. Fixed bridges are cemented into place next to ‘abutment’ teeth — the surrounding teeth on either side of the space (or ‘span’).

Unlike removable partial dentures, fixed bridges cannot be taken out of the mouth by patients, who often prefer this tooth replacement option.

Leaving a space after tooth extraction can cause surrounding teeth to drift out of position. It can also make tooth decay and gum disease more likely — which can lead in turn to further tooth loss.

Bridges can also improve your bite, chewing, speech, aesthetics and facial features.

If you need or are interested in getting a crown or bridge, Joanne, Kelsea or Lindsay will take the time to discuss with you the personalised process. You can normally expect us to complete the work in two appointments.

  1. to prepare the tooth to the correct form and scan the teeth, and
  2. to fit the permanent crown or bridge — normally a couple of weeks later.

If you have missing teeth, and are committed to maintaining good oral hygiene practices, you may be a good candidate for a bridge. It’s the most natural choice to fill the gap.